Franchise Opportunity

If you’re an experienced beautician and looking for an opportunity to start your own business, we can help you create your own EdeSClub Beauty Boutique.

EdeSClub is a business model developed, by Mr. Edward Wong, for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs to build a successful business with minimal investment and risks. The EdeSClub Beauty Boutique Franchise enables you to set up your business quickly with all the products, treatment protocols, operating procedures, sales and clients management system, training, and business plan to start making money.

Your EdeSClub Beauty Boutique shares EdeS’ over 30 years of business experience, technical expertise, values, and legacy of reliability. As a franchisee, you enjoy the EdeS brand’s prestige and consumers’ trust. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds:

Prestige and Freedom of an entrepreneur and business owner

You may choose your own business location, specialization, treatments and products according to your resources, capabilities, and clientele.

Corporate Support

EdeSClub supports you with an Advisory service, Corporate resources to execute your plans and business operation. You have access to EdeSClub’s corporate identity, technical know-how, training, marketing and management support to develop your business. Contact us at for more information.


Since the 1980s, SwissBrands Singapore Pte Ltd has distributed Beauty Treatment and Skin Care products. EdeS Professional Beauty Treatments and Skin Care Solutions were originally developed in Switzerland in 1990, which led to the opening of the first EdeS Beauty Spa in Hong Kong. EdeS has become well-known for its professional line of beauty treatments and skin care solutions, and their methodology and products are widely used by aestheticians and therapists in their salon practice. The EdeS Spa has been providing reliable professional services for over 30 years.

In 2021, EdeS Club Beauty Boutique Franchise was introduced as a low investment, low risk, easy to operate, and high ROI business investment opportunity for beauticians, therapists, and those interested in starting their own beauty business. Franchisees are provided with comprehensive training, marketing, and management support. Franchise opportunities are available in Singapore and ASEAN countries.



EdeSClub是由黄先生开发的业务模式,旨在帮助有抱负的美容企业家以最小的投资和风险建立成功的业务。 EdeSClub美容精品店特许经营权使您能够快速建立业务,并提供所有产品,治疗方案,操作程序,销售和客户管理系统,培训和商业计划,以开始赚钱。




自1980年代以来,瑞士品牌新加坡私人有限公司一直在分销美容护理和护肤产品。EdeS专业美容护理和护肤解决方案最初在瑞士开发,并于1990年在香港开设了第一家EdeS美容中心。EdeS因其专业的美容护理和护肤产品系列而广受好评,其方法和产品被美容师和治疗师广泛应用于其沙龙实践中。EdeS Spa已经提供可靠的专业服务超过30年。

2021年,EdeS Club Beauty Boutique Franchise作为低投资、低风险、易于运营和高回报的商业投资机会,为美容师、治疗师和那些有意创业的人提供了机会。特许经营商将获得全面的培训、营销和管理支持。特许经营机会在新加坡和东盟国家可获得。