Volcanic Body Slimming Treatment to Shape & Beautify the Body

You have reached a plateau!

When you are watching your diet, exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle, and yet, not seeing any improvement or results to your body! Your body may be adjusting to your routines and requires a much needed boost. It may also require a catalyst to energize sluggish activities; to accelerate breaking down of fats, remove some of the toxins and fluid retention etc., to reduce the bloated feeling. EdeS Spa may have the answer for you.

EdeS Spa’s Secret to Shape and Beautify your body

The EdeS Spa Volcanic Body Slimming Treatment is a comprehensive (105 minutes) body shaping and beautifying ritual which includes three (3) treatments.

1) Refine and smoothening the skin with essential oil infused sea salts to rid the dry and rough dead skin cells; and prepare the body for better absorption during the ensuring treatment.

2) Energize and revitalizing the body’s tissues with mineral rich Volcanic Mask enhanced with caffeine and Menthol to promote metabolism and breaking down of accumulated fats and toxins;

3) Promote circulation and draining of wastes, while rejuvenating mind and body through a full body massage with rich essential oils to nourishes your skin and sensations.


You can touch and feel the outcome of the Comprehensive EdeS Spa Volcanic Body Slimming Treatment.

  • Smooth, refined, soft and youthful skin complexion
  • Lightness in body and mind
  • Relief of tension and lethargy (if present before the treatment)
  • Refreshed and energized body. Skin and tissues feels firmer
  • Vitality, wellness and pleasure

By Mr. Edward Wong, MIFA, RCT, MBA, CMC, RMC Ambassador of Global Wellness Day for Singapore, President of the Spa & Wellness Association Singapore.

EdeS Spa Volcanic Body Slimming Treatment at your convenience

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