Swiss Art & Science in Beauty

If you have wondered why EdeS Spa’s ‘Swiss Facial treatment produces such good results, credit it to the Swiss method in Beauty Therapy using a combination of cosmetology science and techniques to produce a masterpiece on your skin. 

How does Swiss Facial work on my face? 

That is a very good question because your skin is unique and the treatment must cater to your skin’s specific needs! There are two parts in the ‘Swiss Facial treatment; the ‘Art’ and the ‘Science’.


The Swiss Facial ritual is almost like an art form, methodically purifying, toning, refining, soothing, hydrating, relaxing, clarifying and then revitalizing, nourishing and protecting your skin in the ‘finale’. Each step of the treatment stimulates your skin cells at different pitches, with masterful management of the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ to remove dirt, oil and debris from your skin, exfoliating dead cells, extracting clogs in your pores, calming your nerves and skin irritations, inducing nutrients and vitality to your skin cells etc. The highlight of Swiss Facial is the 3 different Facial Mask treatments used to refine, soothe and nourish your skin, each selected and fine-tuned according to your personal needs.


The scientific part of Swiss Facial comes from the formulations of each product used in the treatment. As mentioned earlier, your skin is unique and requires products with specific properties for your skin treatment. The wide range of EdeS products, especially the Bio-Active Skin Supplements, Serums and Masks enable your Beauty Therapist apply the appropriate solution to your skin’s various needs at each stage of the Swiss Facial treatment.


Swiss Facial is the description of the 90 minutes Signature Facial Treatment of EdeS Spa. Swiss Facial incorporates the Swiss Traditional Beauty Treatment methodology using a combination of EdeS products selected according to your skin needs. The treatment products combination used for each person may be different. It does not matter if you have oily, acne prone, dehydrated, sensitive, mature or combination skin condition, Swiss Facial provides the correct combination of products and treatments to help improve your skin condition. You simply have to try and you will believe.


Customers find EdeS Swiss Facial Treatment effective for the following:

By Mr. Edward Wong, MIFA, RCT, MBA, CMC, RMC Ambassador of Global Wellness Day for Singapore, President of the Spa & Wellness Association Singapore.

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