EdeS Glyco E Milk – The Rejuvenation Skincare While You Sleep

Research has found that
chronic stress can cause skin aging and accelerate the formation of wrinkles. Stress produces high amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can break down the skin’s collagen and elastin.  Of course, the natural aging process, genetics, prolonged exposure to the sun and unhealthy lifestyle can also cause wrinkles.

Our skin is a live organ which renews itself continuously.
An adult has approximately 37 trillion skill cells and shed off 50 million dead dried cells a day. The skin renewal process slows with age and may be affected by various external factors causing a build-up of dead dry cell layers on the surface of the skin. A thick pile of dead dry skin cells affects the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, deepen the wrinkles and affect the skin’s permeability, blocking excretion of wastes and absorption of nourishment from skin care products.

Apart from natural aging
and stress, other factors like UV, free radicals, exposure to extreme temperatures and dry air, heat, chemicals etc. and smoking can damage skin cells; cumulation of more dead cells on the surface of the skin, resulting in lines and wrinkles, dark spots, dry and rough skin, lack of tone and elasticity etc., known as premature aging. Light, heat and certain chemicals can cause darkening of melanin in the skin. The good news is that signs of aging can be eliminated or reduced. The skin condition can be improved to return the suppleness, smoothness, flexibility and vitality of a youthful looking skin.


EdeS Glyco E milk can help you manage various skin problems

EdeS Glyco-E Milk
stimulate skin rejuvenation while you sleep. Save time and efforts applying tedious treatments and masks.  Simply apply like a moisturiser before you sleep and wake up with a smoother, supple and radiant skin. EdeS Glyco-E Milk is also great for pimples. Apply on the affected area 2 -3 times a day to see amazing results FAST.

EdeS Glyco-E Milk promotes skin rejuvenation by breaking down the top layers of dead skin thereby removing dehydrated dead skin cells, pigmented cells, lines and reducing the depth of wrinkles. EdeS Glyco-E Milk also increases skin hydration and stimulates stem cells at the base of the epidermis to i
ncrease production of new skin cells. All these activities lead to a revitalized and younger looking skin.


By Mr. Edward Wong, MIFA, RCT, MBA, CMC, RMC Ambassador of Global Wellness Day for Singapore, President of the Spa & Wellness Association Singapore.


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EdeS Glyco E milk is an innovative leave-on skin rejuvenation formulation to gently renew your skin, removing dead skin cells, refine pores and promoting the development of new skin cells, while your sleep. Visit www.edesclub.com or contact us at +65 81819504 or email edesspasg@gmail.com for more information.