Dark Eye Ring Treatment to Promote Circulation & Detoxification of your Eyes


Do you frequently have a dark ring or tone around your eyes? Let EdeS Spa help you understand the possible causes, and more important, get rid of those unsightly dark circles around your eyes! 

What may cause dark eye rings?

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate with little or no subcutaneous tissue, therefore the underlying conditions including blood capillaries, blood circulation, tissues and the nutrients may be noticeable on the surface. As we all know, blood carries oxygen and other nutrients to cells throughout the body and carbon dioxide and wastes from the cells through a protein called hemoglobin. Blood rich in oxygen appears red and bright whereas blood rich in carbon dioxide appears blue and dark.

Yes! Darkening of tissues around your eyes indicates the low in oxygen and high in carbon dioxide in the tissues. What happened?

The reasons may be heredity, medical, ageing or circumstantial. While long term darkening around the eyes may indicate heredity or medical which you should seek medical assistance. Circumstances may include fatigue, stress, lack of sleep and poor circulation resulting in stale blood rich in carbon dioxide which is dark around the eye.

EdeS Spa Dark Eye Ring Treatment
 effectively remove the stale blood and deliver fresh blood rich in oxygen and other nutrients to cells in your eye contour area. The results are:

  • A fresh and vibrant looking eye

  • Relaxed and revitalized eyes and skin around the eyes

  • Shallowed and smoothened wrinkles and line

  • Hydrated and supple skin around the eyes

  • Reduced or elimination of the dark tone around the eyes

By Mr. Edward Wong, MIFA, RCT, MBA, CMC, RMC Ambassador of Global Wellness Day for Singapore, President of the Spa & Wellness Association Singapore.

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